Monday, December 12, 2011

TalkToYoUniverse: Tightening your plot by layering

Is fìor thoigh leam am blogair seo. Tha mi a' sgrìobhadh sgeulachdan cuideachd agus tha mi a' smaoineachadh gu bheil ise gu math cuideachail. Thoir sùil oirre ma tha ùidh agad ann an sgrìobhadh.

I love this blogger. I am writing stories too and I think she is extremely helpful. Take a look at her if you have an interest in writing.

TalkToYoUniverse: Tightening your plot by layering: There is something to be said for having everything happen at once. Often we think of the climax of a book as the place where everything c...

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